Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage Canadian Advertising Posters** Never with a Catch

I am sure in the early half of the 20th century people were dazzled by early marketing and advertising. Back before the "invention" of the asterisk what you saw really was in fact what you got. Canadian Pacific Railways paved the way in memorable advertising by commissioning well-known artists of the day as well as building an in-house  design department to illustrate the company's extravagant monopoly in the travel sector. As a result CPR made some of the only true Canadian Vintage poster in existence which often advertised their Hotel, Ship, and Train services c. 1900- 1950. Like any antique, you can easily pick up reproductions on bulk poster sites or directly from CPR but original posters are hard to come by. Due to their fragility the slightest slip up during storage can cause irreversible water, sun, dirt, fold, and tearing damage. To find a poster in mint condition is rare. Due to all these factors vintage posters are worth far more then the paper they were printed on. Below is a picture representing the luxurious Banff Springs Hotel which was one of eight original high end hotels for CP Railroad. Debra Cliffords of  Vintage Poster Works & Antique Advertising is in the business of finding these posters, fixing up what can be restored and selling them off to loving homes. Recently,this original Banff poster, c 1940 sold for $450 U.S.D
There are many way's to date these CP Railway posters. Over the years their logo, script, and slogans have changed as different areas of travel was focused on or dropped. The Canadian Pacific script in this poster is a dead give away that it was produced somewhere between 1934-1959. Due to the fact that Banff promotions only started in the late 30's, was at its peak during the post war tourism boom and then struggling for business in the early 50's it is easily narrowed down to being sometime in the 40's. Which compared to other antiques really isn't that long ago. This is they type of thing you may find when cleaning out old storage boxes of your parents and if you do, it may be worth getting appraised, framed, or restored.

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