Friday, April 29, 2011

Canadian Picker Re-cap Ep 2. Who's more of a money-saurus-rex? Mr. Last Chance or Crazy Inuit Guy

A new show has recently premiered on the Canadian version of the History Channel called Canadian Pickers. The show follows two hosts, Sheldon Smithens and Scott Cozens as they travel around in their creepy windowless van looking for antique treasures at vintage hoarder huts a.k.a farms, bars, shacks, sheds etc. I missed the first episode so I cannot comment but the second episode I did get to watch. For anyone who saw it I am sure you will agree with me that Mr. Last Chance and Crazy Inuit guy take the prize for being money hungry to the max. For those who didn't see the show Mr. Last Chance is the owner of the local tavern The Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, AB. He cracked me up mainly because he was not willing to sell a thing yet had a price tag for everything. He did have some pretty neat stuff which was fun to see. His jukebox band speaker was my personal favorite.

Currently bidding on E-bay for $18,500.00 US

Crazy Inuit man had a large collection of weird trinkets, and not all that much profitable stuff for the picking. It's kinda like seeing a delicious looking raspberry bush in the distance but upon closer inspection realizing that all the berries are spoiled. He did have one case full of BEAUTIFUL Inuit artifacts including two baleen ships (a type of cartilage in a whales mouth), a few pairs of rabbit lined seal skin mitts, and a hand full of soapstone carvings. However, his price tag was absolutely astronomical. In his mind, the Inuit version of Michelangelo had hand crafted these masterpieces. I don't think he noticed Sheldon and Scott slightly poking fun of his greedy offer but I sure got a kick out of it.
By the end of the hour I have flip-flopped over which host is my favorite multiple times. Scott with his 'serious' smile and pretty man hair (maybe one day, if I ever meet him, we can swap conditioner tips) versus Sheldon with his witty comments and right on cue eye rolling (I also think the show is forcing him to wear a cowboy hat. I am finding his hatred for the hat entertaining)..... I am going to have to tune in next week and try to see if I can pick a fav.

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  1. It's Scott that is the Greedy one. They are Buyers to REsell..totally scummy bunch of pickers.