Wednesday, May 18, 2011

O Christie's. Canadian Picker Re-cap episod 3 (yes a few weeks late)

Before I re-cap the episode I have to quickly write about the website that goes along with the show. The Canadian Pickers site has many fun options with the intention of building a stronger Canadian Antique community. You can buy stuff you've seen on the show as well as sell your own things. It is their version of a social network. You can become friends, send messages, mention people in your posts all on the site. Sheldon and Scott are my "friends" HOWEVER it did take Sheldon three days to decided I was cool enough to be his friend..... points to Scott as my favorite host (under 24 hrs!).
On with the show.
Wow episode 3, I don't even know where to start! There were so many things I loved in this 44 minutes that I can only mention my very favorites. Now a few weeks ago, the episode aired where Scott and Sheldon took off East. They checked out Garry's house in Hamilton, hit up Christies in Dundas, and finished off at a small farm in Waterloo (sans evil spirits).
I've noticed there always seems to be one "collector" per show and today this was Garry. The ZZ top look alike had been collecting stuff he found from early bird garage sale hunting over the years. He had so much in his house that I am actually surprised he wasn't more motivated to unload some of it. Eventually he caved and sold Scott some records, most notable the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Album (1971) with working zipper.

Personally, there was not many things Garry had that peaked my interest. I would of done the same thing as Sheldon and took a coffee break. But, would of definitely offered him money for his two squirrelly cats that kept peeking in and out from the plethora of stuff.
Next the duo heads off to Christies........ O Christies, so many booths so little time. This is where Sheldon slightly takes the lead as my favorite host (making up for the un-timely "friending" on the picker mart) . He purchases the ugliest, ill conditioned, life size, hand carved, wooden Mountie to "guard their stuff". I basically fell off my chair laughing. This is something I would of done as a joke and then later planted him at my front door to fend off unwanted visitors, secretly laughing to myself every time I saw him.
Early in the day they came across a Wise One Quizette 1 Cent Machine/Napkin Holder. I have actually used one of these in a dinner when I was a kid so not only did it bring back delicious milkshake memories but it also went on my list of "treasure to find". Recently, this napkin holder sold on Proxibid for $130.

Next find that I really enjoyed was the vintage tent banner. Two things about this find amused me. Firstly, I love how worked up, and rattled Scott was over the price. Secondly, it was in great condition with what appeared to be no major flaws in the picture. The design of the banner was in a very copycat style of Fred Johnson O'Henry, a prominit artist in circus banners of the 20th century. I couldn't find an image of the banner purchased on the show, but it was similur to this peice below.

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